Swimming Pool Safety Guide

Never swim alone. There should always be at least one other responsible individual present in or nearby the swimming pool or spa while someone is swimming. Children especially should always be under close adult supervision.

Never permit children or anybody to horseplay, run, or play dangerous water-games in or nearby the swimming pool or spa.

Teach your children proper swimming techniques or register them in a swimming instruction school and water safety classes. The YMCA is a great place for young children and adults to take swimming lessons.

Never be dependent upon arm floats or similar inflatable floatation devices to prevent small children from drowning; they are intended only to assist them in normal swimming activities.

It is an excellent idea to have a parent or guardian that knows how to perform CPR nearby the swimming pool and spa at all times while anyone is swimming.

Administer practice drills with everybody that goes swimming in your pool to educate them on the correct procedures to take in the event of an emergency.

Store a first-aid kit in close proximity to the swimming pool and keep it completely stocked and maintained with essential emergency supplies.

Rescue equipment such as life preserver rings and shepherd's crooks can be used to extract someone out of the water in the event of an emergency.

Keep a portable phone with emergency numbers nearby the swimming pool or spa while in use and instruct everyone including your children how to use them also.

Do not leave toys, balls, or floats in or nearby the swimming pool because small children can be tempted to reach for the toys or return for them when a parent or guardian is not present.

Make certain all fences, gates, doors, and windows that lead to the pool area are securely locked at all times while no one is in the surrounding area to supervise.

Install alarms on the swimming pool, spa and all fences, gates, doors and windows that lead to the pool area and ensure they are properly working at all times.

Keep the swimming pool and spa water clean of debris and sanitary at all times. Never allow anybody to swim in the pool or spa if the water is in an unhealthy condition.

Keep the entire deck and swimming pool area clean and clear of any objects that may cause someone to stumble and fall into the swimming pool.

Diving boards, platforms, and slides should always be inspected prior to use to verify that they are in proper working order.

Everyone should be aware of the depth of the water in the swimming pool prior to diving. Never dive into shallow water.

There should always be adequate lighting in the swimming pool, spa, and the entire pool area during nighttime operation.

Keep all electrical cords and devices such as pumps, radios and other appliances away from the swimming pool or spa water, especially while someone is swimming.

Never attempt to swim in your pool or perform swimming pool maintenance care during adverse weather conditions. If you observe any thunderstorms approaching, get away from the swimming pool and spa water and proceed to take shelter indoors as soon as possible.

Do not consume alcohol or take any drugs before or during any swimming activities in a pool or spa. People who regularly take medications should seek advice from their physician before they attempt any swimming in a pool or spa.